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  • Energy Intensity and the Environmental Kuznets Curve 

    Grytten, Ola Honningdal; Lindmark, Magnus; Minde, Kjell Bjørn (DP SAM;11/2020, Working paper, 2020-07)
    During the last decades several scholars have argued that environmental degradation first increases in initial phases of economic growth, and thereafter declines as economic growth enters a certain level in developed ...
  • The cost of extreme weather : an analysis of the physical climate risk in Hordaland 

    Evensen, Endre Sandø; Christensen, Håkon Fredrik (Master thesis, 2019)
    Climate change is expected to have numerous societal impacts in the years to come through an increase in the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. The climate impact is of socio-economic interest, as extreme ...
  • Labor Market Effects of COVID-19 in Sweden and its Neighbors: Evidence from Novel Administrative Data 

    Juranek, Steffen; Paetzold, Jörg; Winner, Hannes; Zoutman, Floris T. (Discussion paper;8/20, Working paper, 2020-07-24)
    This paper studies the labor market effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on the Nordic countries which showed one of the highest variations in NPIs despite having ...
  • Playing Easy or Playing Hard to Get: When and How to Attract FDI 

    Gresik, Thomas A.; Schindler, Dirk; Schjelderup, Guttorm (Discussion paper;7/20, Working paper, 2020-06-30)
    We study the link between a country’s institutional quality in tax collection and its optimal corporate tax policies in a model of heterogeneous multinationals that can shift income using both debt and transfer prices. ...
  • Contingent Claims Evaluation when the Convenience Yield is Stochastic: Analytical Results 

    Bjerksund, Petter (Discussion paper;1/91, Working paper, 1991-02)
    This paper considers contingent claims on a commodity when both the spot price and the convenience yield are generated by diffusion processes. By adopting the Gibson and Schwartz (1990) assumptions on the economy, we derive ...

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