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    • The business model of the British Virgin Islands and Panama 

      Pires, Armando José Garcia (Working paper;31/13, Working paper, 2013-09)
      In this note, we describe the history and the main characteristics of the tax havens The British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Panama. We discuss the financial channels used in these jurisdictions to move money and assets across ...
    • Within-group heterogeneity and group dynamics: Analyzing exit of microcredit groups in Angola 

      Kolstad, Ivar; Pires, Armando José Garcia; Wiig, Arne (Working paper;03/15, Working paper, 2015-01)
      The effect of within-group heterogeneity on the survival of social groups is theoretically ambiguous. A greater diversity of ideas, experience, and networks can have a positive effect on members’ benefits from group ...