• Do Koopmans’ postulates lead to discounted utilitarianism? 

      Tungodden, Bertil; Asheim, Geir B. (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2004-12)
      In this paper we consider variations of Koopmans’ (1960) postulates and demonstrate that these lead to a class of social preferences that is wider than discounted utilitarianism. We formulate a utilitiarian condition ...
    • A new equity condition for infinite utility streams and the possibility of being Paretian 

      Asheim, Geir B.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2005-04)
    • Resolving distributional conflicts between generations 

      Asheim, Geir B.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2002-05)
      We describe a new approach to the problem of resolving distributional conflicts between an infinite and countable number of generations. We impose conditions on the social preferences that capture the following idea: ...
    • Sustainable recursive social welfare functions 

      Asheim, Geir B.; Mitra, Tapan; Tungodden, Bertil (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      What ethical criterion for intergenerational justice should be adopted, e.g., when faced with the task of managing the global environment? Koopmans’ axiomatization of discounted utilitarianism is based on seemingly compelling ...