• Financial Instability and Banking Crises in a small open economy 

      Grytten, Ola Honningdal (SAM DP;18/2021, Working paper, 2021-11)
      The present paper seeks to investigate the importance of financial instability during four banking crises, with focus on the small open economy of Norway. The crises elaborated on are the Post First world war crisis of the ...
    • Financial instability, institutional development and economic crisis in Eastern Europe 

      Grytten, Ola Honningdal; Koilo, Viktoriia (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    • Financing of media firms : does competition matter? 

      Kind, Hans Jarle; Nilssen, Tore; Sørgard, Lars (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2005-01)
      This paper analyses how competition between media firms influences the way they are financed. In a setting where monopoly media firms choose to be completely financed by consumer payments, competition may lead the ...
    • Finanskriser - hva vet vi? 

      Doppelhofer, Gernot Peter (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      Da finanskrisen herjet som verst – krisen som startet i det amerikanske subprime-markedet på midten av 2000-tallet og etter hvert rammet mange økonomier – henvendte dronningen av England seg til en gruppe Økonomer med ...
    • Firm exit, vintage effect and the business cycle in Norway 

      Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar; Tveterås, Ragnar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-12)
      In spite of the large and growing literature on producer heterogeneity and firm exit behavior, little attention has been paid to the vintage capital theory of firm exits as an alternative hypothesis to learning/selection. ...
    • First-best optimality in capital income taxation 

      Hilgers, Bodo; Schindler, Dirk (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2004-10)
      In case of risk, especially aggregate risk which cannot be insured, the literature states that for achieving first-best optimality state-dependent lumpsum taxes are absolutely necessary. However, we show in a two-asset ...
    • Fiscal corruption : a vice or a virtue? 

      Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2002-07)
      Recent literature on tax administration in poor countries suggests there are virtues of allowing fiscal corruption. By strengthening the bargaining power of corrupt tax officers, it is argued that tax evasion may be ...
    • A flying start or no effect? : long term consequences of maternal time investments in children during their first year of life 

      Carneiro, Pedro; Løken, Katrine Vellesen; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2010-10)
      We study the impact of increasing the time that the mother spends with her child in the first year of her life. In particular, we examine a reform that increased paid and unpaid maternity leave entitlements in Norway. ...
    • Forced board changes : evidence from Norway 

      Nygaard, Knut (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2011-03)
    • Foreign aid and domestic politics : implications for aid selectivity 

      Hagen, Rune Jansen (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2004-06)
      The links between foreign aid and policies in developing countries have been at the forefront of the policy debate for decades. An emerging consensus touts aid selectivity as the solution to the failures of conditionality. ...
    • Foreign aid and international public goods : incentives and strategic behavior 

      Pedersen, Karl Rolf (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2002-08)
      This paper considers a stylized model where a donor and a recipient government derive utility from a public good (for example consumption among the poor or defense capacity in the recipient country), in addition to a ...
    • Foreign aid and sovereign credit worthiness 

      Pedersen, Karl Rolf (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2007-12)
      International financial markets are far from perfect. Because of problems related to contract enforcement borrowers often end up being rationed; the lenders tend to constrain the amount lent ex ante in order to motivate ...
    • Foreign direct investment and host-country effects 

      Balsvik, Ragnhild (Doctoral thesis, 2006-09)
    • Foreign firms and host-country productivity : does the mode of entry matter? 

      Balsvik, Ragnhild; Haller, Stefanie A. (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2006-01)
      Foreign direct investment is often considered an important source of knowledge spillovers. However, results from the empirical literature relating overall foreign presence to host country productivity are ambiguous. We ...
    • Formula apportionment and transfer pricing under oligopolistic competition 

      Nielsen, Søren Bo; Raimondos-Møller, Pascalis; Schjelderup, Guttorm (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2001-05)
      This paper demonstrates that under conditions of imperfect (oligopolistic) competition, a transition from separate accounting (SA) to formula apportionment (FA) does not eliminate the problem of profit shifting via ...
    • Fra kinesernes sparing til global vekst 

      Almås, Ingvild; Liane, Gro Karin Mæle; Thøgersen, Øystein (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      Kina har i senere år fremstått som verdensøkonomiens primære vekstmotor. Vekstens innhold i form av store handelsoverskudd og svært høye investeringer har skapt vinnere og tapere blant verdens øvrige land og regioner. ...
    • From Employment to Engagement? Stable Jobs, Temporary Jobs, and Cohabiting Relationships 

      Landaud, Fanny (DP SAM;10/2019, Working paper, 2019-04)
      Family formation has been substantially delayed in recent decades, and birth rates have fallen below the replacement rates in many OECD countries. Research suggests that these trends are tightly linked to recent changes ...
    • From Fossil Fuels to Renewables: The Role of Electricity Storage. 

      Lazkano, Itziar; Nøstbakken, Linda; Pelli, Martino (SAM;11/2016, Working paper, 2016-06-07)
      We analyze the role of electricity storage for technological innovations in electricity generation. We propose a directed technological change model of the electricity sector, where innovative firms develop better ...
    • From Quantity to Quality: Delivering a Home-based Parenting Intervention through China’s Family Planning Cadres 

      Sylvia, Sean; Attanasio, Orazio; Warrinnier, Nele; Luo, Renfu; Yue, Ai; Medina, Alexis; Rozelle, Scott (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      A key challenge in developing countries interested in providing early childhood development programs at scale is whether these programs can be effectively delivered through existing public service infrastructures. We ...