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  • Gender Differences in Tax Evasion: Evidence from Norwegian Administrative Data 

    Bjørkheim, Julie Brun; Nygård, Odd E. (Discussion paper;8/24, Working paper, 2024-06-18)
    Using the expenditure approach and administrative data on third-party reported donations, we estimate tax evasion by gender. While men are more prone to risk taking, we find no evidence of this transferring to income ...
  • Joint Forecasting of Salmon Lice and Treatment Interventions in Aquaculture Operations 

    Narum, Benjamin S.; Berentsen, Geir D. (Discussion paper;7/24, Working paper, 2024-05-27)
    The need for joint forecasting of parasitic lice and associated preventative treatments stems from large monetary losses associated with such treatments, and the distribution of potential future treatments can be used in ...
  • Essays on Staffing and Transportation 

    Braathen, Christian (Doctoral thesis, 2024-05)
  • Essays on Shareholder Engagement and Voting 

    Li, Xuan (Doctoral thesis, 2024-05)
    Navigating through a PhD is like walking alone on a dark winter night. The kindness I have encountered along the way is the twinkling stars that accompany me and guide me in the darkness. For that, I am forever ...
  • Representations of Uncertainty for Decision Modelling 

    Narum, Benjamin (Doctoral thesis, 2024-05)
    First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisors Stein W. Wallace, Julio C. Goez and Francesca Maggioni. I would also like to extend my thanks to my co-authors Jamie Fairbrother and Geir ...
  • The Effects of Labour Migration and Interventions on Tax Compliance 

    Lange, Thomas (Doctoral thesis, 2024-04)
    First of all, I would like to thank my supervisors at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floris Zoutman for excellent guidance throughout my PhD. Following my many years outside ...
  • Business model digitalization, competition, and tax savings 

    Casi, Elisa; Lisowsky, Petro; Stage, Barbara M. B.; Todtenhaupt, Maximilian (Discussion paper;6/24, Working paper, 2024-03-13)
    We examine the effect of business model digitalization on competition and how corporate tax savings through digitalization may augment this relationship. Global policymakers express concern that digitalization-related tax ...
  • A Distributional Robust Analysis of Buyback and Cap-and-Trade Policies 

    Fakhrabadi, Mahnaz; Sandal, Leif K. (Discussion paper;5/24, Working paper, 2024-02-20)
    This study delves into a dynamic Stackelberg game comprised of a manufacturer and a retailer, operating in an environment with fluctuating demand and price-dependent consumer behavior. The multi-period optimization challenges ...
  • Models for Spatial Consequences of Changes in Commuting Patterns 

    Gholami, Azam Azad (Doctoral thesis, 2024-02)
  • Tax Complexity as Price Discrimination 

    Agersnap, Ole; Bjørkheim, Julie Brun (Discussion paper;4/24, Working paper, 2024-02-05)
    Most tax systems around the world are highly complex. While several economists have studied the potential costs associated with tax complexity, few have explored if complexity can also have beneficial effects. In a novel ...
  • Climate Policy and Trade in Polluting Technologies 

    Ferguson, Shon M.; Heijmans, Roweno J.R.K. (Discussion paper;3/24, Working paper, 2024-01-30)
    This paper studies international trade in equipment used in the combustion of fossil fuels. Informed by a theoretical analysis, we identify a type of technology leakage hitherto unexplored in the literature: a country’s ...
  • Time Horizons and Emissions Trading 

    Heijmans, Roweno J.R.K.; Engström, Max (Discussion paper;2/24, Working paper, 2024-01-23)
    We study dynamic cap-and-trade schemes in which a policy of adjustable allowance supply determines the cap on emissions. Focusing on two common supply policies, price and quantity mechanisms, we investigate how the duration ...
  • Forecasting price spikes in day-ahead electricity markets: techniques, challenges, and the road ahead 

    Sheybanivaziri, Samaneh; Le Dréau, Jérôme; Kazmi, Hussain (Discussion paper;1/24, Working paper, 2024-01-17)
    Due to the increase in renewable energy production and global socioeconomic turmoil, the volatility in electricity prices has considerably increased in recent years, leading to extreme positive and negative price spikes ...
  • Essays on Energy Markets and the Environment 

    Tselika, Kyriaki (Doctoral thesis, 2023-12)
  • Guarantees of Origin and Competition in the Spot Electricity Market 

    Blázquez, Mario; Hovdahl, Isabel; Arve, Malin; Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette (Discussion paper;24/23, Working paper, 2023-12-15)
    We study the effect of introducing a market for green energy attributes on the market for the energy itself. In Europe, renewable energy producers receive Guarantees of Origin (GOs) that they can sell to consumers who wish ...
  • Matched Dispatching in Randomized Settings 

    Lillestøl, Jostein; Manne, Per (Discussion paper;23/23, Working paper, 2023-12-11)
    This paper examines some problems of matched dispatching in some different random settings. The context of presentation is that of a reality show with a lineup of the participants, and according to some probabilistic ...
  • Essays on Industrial Organisation: Digital Platform Competition, Technology Licensing, and Vertical Markets 

    Haugen, Atle (Doctoral thesis, 2023-10)
    This thesis consists of four chapters on the industrial organisation of digital platforms and vertical markets. The first chapter addresses how competition between digital platforms is affected by targeting technologies, ...
  • Lost in Information: National Implementation of Global Tax Agreements 

    Alstadsæter, Annette; Casi, Elisa; Miethe, Jakob; Stage, Barbara M. B. (Discussion paper;22/23, Working paper, 2023-11-13)
    We study how national implementation of global tax agreements shape their effectiveness by focusing on the multilateral agreement on automatic information exchange on financial assets, the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). ...
  • Home bias in shareholder voting 

    Li, Xuan (Discussion paper;21/23, Working paper, 2023-11-10)
    Institutional investors’ proxy voting decisions are influenced by their geographic proximity to portfolio firms. Using a sample of over 50 million votes cast by U.S. and non-U.S. investors globally, I find that investors ...

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