• An experimental study of prosocial motivation among criminals 

      Cappelen, Alexander Wright; Sørensen, Erik Øiolf; Tungodden, Bertil; Birkeland, Sigbjørn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      The fact that criminal behavior typically has negative consequences for others provides a compelling reason to think that criminals lack prosocial motivation. This paper reports the results from two dictator game experiments ...
    • Essays on Behavioural Game Theory 

      Birkeland, Sigbjørn (Doctoral thesis, 2011)
      Game theory is the standard method in economics used to analyse situations where people or firms interact, for example, auctions, bargaining, cooperation, markets with a small number of firms, and many other social ...
    • Fairness motivation in bargaining 

      Birkeland, Sigbjørn (Discussion Papers;14/2011, Working paper, 2011-07)
      In this paper, we develop a model that captures the potential conflict between two individuals who follow different fairness principles in bargaining. This model is used to analyse the infl uence of fairness motivation on ...
    • Immoral criminals? An experimental study of social preferences among prisoners 

      Birkeland, Sigbjørn; Cappelen, Alexander W.; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion Papers;15/2011, Working paper, 2011-09)
      This paper studies the pro-social preferences of criminals by comparing the behavior of a group of prisoners in a lab experiment with the behavior of a benchmark group recruited from the general population. We find ...
    • Lønnsomheten i norsk skipsfart 

      Birkeland, Sigbjørn; Eide, Torfin (Arbeidsnotat, Working paper, 2000-11)
      Denne utredningen undersøker avkastningen til den norske skipsfartsnæringen i perioden 1992 til 1999, ved hjelp av innrapporterte regnskapstall til Oslo Børs. Vi har to hovedfunn. Det første er at skipsfartsnæringen sett ...
    • Negotiation under possible third party settlement 

      Birkeland, Sigbjørn (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2011-03)