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  • Income Inequality and Mortality: A Norwegian Perspective 

    Bütikofer, Aline; Karadakic, René; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar (DP SAM;04/2021, Working paper, 2021-01)
    While Norway has experienced income growth accompanied by a large decline in mortality during the past several decades, little is known about the distribution of these improvements in longevity across the income distribution. ...
  • Unemployment shocks, cyclical prices and shopping behavior 

    Aursland, Thor Andreas; Steen, Frode; Ulsaker, Simen A. (DP SAM;03/2021, Working paper, 2021-01)
    We use rich data from Norway’s biggest grocery chain to show how households and grocery stores react to changing economic conditions. We exploit the regional nature of a recession following the drop in the oil price in ...
  • Jobs and technology in general equilibrium: A three-elasticities approach 

    Baldwin, Richard; Haaland, Jan I.; Venables, Anthony J. (DP SAM;01/2021, Working paper, 2021-01-21)
    The impact of technological progress on jobs and wages has been subject to much empirical and some theoretical work. However, most of this literature has not addressed the general equilibrium interplay between the productive ...
  • Informed Enforcement: Lessons from Pollution Monitoring in China 

    Axbard, Sebastian; Deng, Zichen (DP SAM;01/2021, Working paper, 2021-01-07)
    Government regulations are often imperfectly enforced by public officials. In this study, we investigate if real-time monitoring of policy outcomes can improve enforcement of existing regulations by exploring the introduction ...
  • Essays on Earnings Quality in Private Firms 

    Haugland Sundkvist, Charlotte (Doctoral thesis, 2021-01)

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