• Essays on Talent Discovery and Allocation 

      Picariello, Luca (Doctoral thesis, 2018-06)
    • Organizational Design with Portable Skills 

      Picariello, Luca (DP SAM;02, Working paper, 2017-02)
      Workers can move across firms and take with them portable skills. This has an impact on how firms are organized and allocate tasks across workers. To reduce mobility, a profit maximizing firm may inefficiently allocate ...
    • Talent Discovery, Layoff Risk and Unemployment Insurance 

      Pagano, Marco; Picariello, Luca (DP SAM;11/2017, Working paper, 2017-08)
      In talent-intensive jobs, workers’ performance reveals their quality. This enhances productivity and wages, but also increases layoff risk. If workers cannot resign from their jobs, firms can insure them via severance pay. ...