• Economic perspectives of risk distribution system asset management : principles of risk valuation of grid investments 

      Rud, Linda (Report, Research report, 2010-12)
      A main challenge of the electricity grid company is to target the right level and choice of grid investment, maintenance and renewal. The nature of grid investments poses special challenges in determining the investment ...
    • Essays on electricity markets 

      Rud, Linda (Report, Research report, 2009-05)
      The report covers several topics of electricity markets: The first essay, ‘Selected Topics on Early Electricity Market Design in Norway’ studies market design issues in establishing the market-based Norwegian electricity ...
    • Kapitalnettverk for små og mellomstore bedrifter 

      Knivsflå, Kjell Henry; Rud, Linda; Sættem, Frode (Rapport, Research report, 2000-10)
      Kapitalmarkedet for små og mellomstore bedrifter står overfor problemer med tilgang på risikovillig kapital. Informasjonsproblemer og problemer med likviditet og annenhåndsomsetning blir fremholdt som viktige underliggende ...
    • Kapitaltilgangen for SMB i ulike deler av landet 

      Stamland, Tommy; Rud, Linda; Mjøs, Aksel (Rapport, Research report, 2008-07)
    • Market Power Under Nodal and Zonal Congestion Management Techniques 

      Bjørndal, Endre; Bjørndal, Mette; Rud, Linda; Rahimi Alangi, Somayeh (Discussion paper;14/17, Working paper, 2017-11-07)
      Contrary to the common thought that nodal pricing provides more opportunities for a strategic player to exert market power than the zonal model, we show that in the latter one because of the need for re-dispatch or ...
    • Refinery optimization platform : a user’s manual : version 1.0 

      Bredström, David; Flisberg, Patrik; Rud, Linda; Rönnqvist, Mikael (Report, Research report, 2008-11)
      This is a manual for the Refinery Optimization Platform ROP which is a flexible platform for studying refinery production planning. The user can model the overall refining process in a multiperiodic setting, with linear ...
    • Understanding the stochastics of nodal prices : price processes in a constrained network 

      Lund, Arne-Christian; Rud, Linda (Working paper, Working paper, 2004-11)
      Network congestion in competitive electricity markets may be managed by geographically differentiated nodal prices. The stochastics of an unconstrained equilibrium price reflect the underlying fundamentals of demand and ...