• Five essays on the dynamics of fiscal policy 

      Torsvik, Gaute (Doctoral thesis, 1992)
    • Foreign economic aid : should donors cooperate? 

      Torsvik, Gaute (Working Paper, Working paper, 2002-06)
      When several altruistic donors provide aid to alleviate poverty in another country, they face a common good problem. Solving this problem calls for cooperation and policy integration. But before we conclude in favour of ...
    • Global economics and national politics 

      Hagen, Rune Jansen; Torsvik, Gaute (Working paper, Working paper, 2001-12)
      This paper contributes to the literature on the political economy of increased capital mobility. Two parties, one from the left and one from the right, compete for position. The election is to be held in the future and the ...
    • How middle-men can undermine anti-corruption reforms 

      Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Torsvik, Gaute; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2004-12)
      The anti-corruption reform in the Tanzanian tax bureaucracy in the mid-1990s was apparently a short-lived success. In the wake of the reform, a number of “tax experts” established themselves in the market, many of them ...
    • Pay and performance in a call centre : principals and agents or principally angels? 

      Aarbu, Karl Ove; Torsvik, Gaute (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2007-11)
      We use data from a pay reform in an insurance company to contrast different theories of work motivations. The management installed performance pay to boost sales in the customer service centre of the company. The reform ...
    • Sticks and carrots for the alleviation of long-term poverty 

      Schroyen, Fred; Torsvik, Gaute (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2001-12)
      Work requirements can make it easier to screen the poor from the nonpoor. They can also affect future poverty by changing the poors’ incentive to invest in their income capacity. The novelty of our study is the focus ...
    • Work requirements and long term poverty 

      Schroyen, Fred; Torsvik, Gaute (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1999)
      We study how work requirements can be used to target transfers to the long term poor. Without commitment, time consistency requires all screening measures to be concentrated in the first phase of the program. We show ...