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dc.description.abstractBeing a person that keeps a gratitude journal for myself every day, it is my pleasure that for once I can share this gratitude with a broader audience. This thesis is not only the result of five months of research and writing - it is a result of my journey. And I have not gone through this journey alone; this journey contains a lot of gratitude and love for others. First of all, I would like to thank my supervisor Professor Knut Ims for sharing his pearls of wisdom, both when it comes to this research project and life in general. Thank you for showing me a different road to business studies and for introducing me to the everyday practice of gratitude and the value of authentic meetings. Thanks for the continuous encouragement and support throughout the process of writing this thesis. Thank you to my family and close friends for showing so much love and support. Thanks to my parents for giving me unconditional love and the feeling of safety wherever I am in this world, preparing me for all the true meetings and the magic that happens when your mind is open and your heart is trusting. A special thanks to my dear friend Derek Musial for being an infinite source of positive emotions and happiness. Never underestimate the power of smiles and giggles, and the value of keeping the playful child within you. I hope you will never grow up. Thank you to my interviewees for being open, honest, giving and brave. I hope that I have treated your vulnerability and trust with the respect and care you deserve. Thank you to NHH for adding both troughs and peaks to my journey, from the life lessons of competition and comparison to the self exploration for a meaningful life. Thanks for challenging me - through challenges comes change and learning. And thank you to Middlebury Institute of International Studies for showing me different perspectives on business and for teaching me that I have the whole world at my feet and there are countless possibilities to both do good and do well. I am grateful that I could spend three months in Monterey, California, doing research and writing this thesis. I am grateful for the opportunity to go back to Monterey, for my supervisor Knut being supportive of this decision, and for all the inspiring and loving people that came into my life in Monterey.nb_NO
dc.subjectstrategy and managementnb_NO
dc.titleKnow Thyself - An Explorative Study on Mora/Identity in Decision Makingnb_NO
dc.typeMaster thesisnb_NO

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