• Domestic Violence and the Mental Health and Well-being of Victims and Their Children 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Gorden, B. Dahl; Løken, Katrine V.; Mogstad, Magne (SAM DP;21/2022, Working paper, 2021-12-14)
      Almost one third of women worldwide report some form of physical or sexual violence by a partner in their lifetime, yet little is known about the mental health and well-being effects for either victims or their children. ...
    • Incarceration Spillovers in Criminal and Family Networks 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Dahl, Gordon B.; Løken, Katrine V.; Mogstad, Magne (DP SAM;15/2018, Working paper, 2018-08)
      Using quasi-random assignment of criminal cases to judges, we estimate large incarceration spillovers in criminal and brother networks. When a defendant is sent to prison, there are 51 and 32 percentage point reductions ...
    • Incarceration, Recidivism and Employment. 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Dahl, Gordon B.; Løken, Katrine V.; Mogstad, Magne (DP SAM;14/2018, Working paper, 2018-06)
      Understanding whether, and in what situations, time spent in prison is criminogenic or preventive has proven challenging due to data availability and correlated unobservables. This paper overcomes these challenges in the ...
    • Life cycle earnings, education premiums and internal rates of return 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Mogstad, Magne; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar (Discussion paper;24/2014, Working paper, 2014-06)
      What do the education premiums look like over the life cycle? What is the impact of schooling on lifetime earnings? How does the internal rate of return compare with opportunity cost of funds? To what extent do progressive ...
    • Life-cycle bias and the returns to schooling in current and lifetime earnings 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Mogstad, Magne; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2011-02)
    • Prison, Mental Health and Family Spillovers 

      Bhuller, Manudeep; Khoury, Laura; Løken, Katrine V. (SAM DP;19/2021, Working paper, 2021-11)
      Does prison cause mental health problems among inmates and their family members? Correlational evidence reveals that the prevalence of mental health problems is much higher among inmates than among the general population, ...