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    • Contingent Claims Evaluation when the Convenience Yield is Stochastic: Analytical Results 

      Bjerksund, Petter (Discussion paper;1/91, Working paper, 1991-02)
      This paper considers contingent claims on a commodity when both the spot price and the convenience yield are generated by diffusion processes. By adopting the Gibson and Schwartz (1990) assumptions on the economy, we derive ...
    • American derivatives : a review 

      Aase, Knut K. (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1997-12)
      The paper gives an overview over the theory of pricing and hedging financial derivatives that can be exercised at any time during a fixed time interval [0, T]. The analysis makes use of the theory of optimal stopping, and ...
    • Seasoned public offerings: Resolution of the "new issues puzzle" 

      Eckbo, Espen B.; Masulis, Ronald W.; Norli, Øyvind (Discussion paper;09/98, Working paper, 1998)
      The `new issues puzzle' is that stocks of common stock issuers subsequently underperform non- issuers matched on size and book-to-market ratio. With 7,000+ seasoned equity and debt issues, we document that issuer ...
    • A short introduction to mathematical finance 

      Øksendal, Bernt (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998)
      We give a brief survey of some fundamental concepts, methods and results in the mathematics of finance. The survey covers the 3 topics Chapter 1: Markets and arbitrages. The one-period model. The multi-period model. The ...
    • Estimating the parameters of stochastic differential equations using a criterion function based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic 

      McDonald, A. David; Sandal, Leif Kristoffer (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998)
      Estimation of parameters in the drift and diffusion terms of stochastic differential equations involves simulation and generally requires substantial data sets. We examine a method that can be applied when available time ...
    • Adaptive regulation with flow and stock externalities 

      Sandal, Leif Kristoffer; Steinshamn, Stein Ivar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-01)
      In confronting a consumer good whose production process is associated with both flow and stock externalities, a corrective tax is introduced to restore efficiency. The objective is to maximize social welfare over time when ...
    • An approach to adaptive carbon taxes in the presence of global warming 

      Sandal, Leif Kristoffer; Steinshamn, Stein Ivar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-01)
      The optimal extraction path of fossil fuels and the corresponding corrective tax on extraction are derived when two types of externalities associated with emission of carbondioxide (CO2) are taken into account. The optimal ...
    • MCMC analysis of diffusion models with application to finance 

      Eraker, Bjørn (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-03)
      In this paper a new method is proposed for estimation of parameters in diffusion processes from discrete observations. The proposed simulation based MCMC methodology applies to a wide class of models including systems with ...
    • Fat and skew : can NIG cure? : on the prospects of using the normal inverse Gaussian distribution in finance 

      Lillestøl, Jostein (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-03)
      This paper explores the possibility of using the Normal Inverse Gaussian (NIG) distribution introduced by Barndorff-Nielsen (1997) in various problem areas in finance where distributions often are found to be non-normal ...
    • Pricing rate of return guarantees in a Heath-Jarrow-Morton framework 

      Miltersen, Kristian R.; Persson, Svein-Arne (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-07)
      Rate of return guarantees are included in many financial products, for example life insurance contracts or guaranteed investment contracts issued by investment banks. The holder of such a contract is guaranteed a fixed ...
    • Optimal management of renewable resources : a general feedback approach 

      Sandal, Leif Kristoffer; Steinshamn, Stein Ivar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-09)
      Analytical solutions for optimal exploitation of renewable capital stocks are derived as feedback rules for a quite general optimization problem. By feedback rules is meant that optimal exploitation is given as an explicit ...
    • The St. Petersburg Paradox 

      Aase, Knut K. (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-09)
      The classical St. Petersburg Paradox is discussed in terms of doubling strategies. It is claimed that what was originally thought of as a "paradox" can hardly be considered as very surprising today, but viewed in terms of ...
    • Design and pricing of equity-linked life insurance under stochastic interest rates 

      Bacinello, Anna Rita; Persson, Svein-Arne (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-11)
      A valuation model for equity-linked life insurance contracts incorporating stochastic interest rates is presented. Our model generalizes some previous pricing results based on deterministic interest rates. Moreover, a ...
    • Annuity factors, duration and convexity : insights from a financial engineering perspective 

      Ekern, Steinar (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-12)
      This paper applies a unified and integrative financial engineering perspective to key derived concepts in traditional fixed income analysis, with the purpose of enhancing conceptual insights and motivating computational ...
    • Asset ownership and implicit contracts 

      Bragelien, Iver (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-12)
      In a setting with two managers/owners who both make relation- and asset-specific investments, I suggest a model where a linear implicit contract can strengthen the incentives to invest, if the parties are sufficiently ...
    • Asset ownership and risk aversion 

      Bragelien, Iver (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1998-12)
      I suggest a model for two managers/owners and two assets, where the optimal allocation of ownership rights is jointly determined by the parties’ risk aversion and the specificity of their investments. The managers are ...
    • Earnings manipulation : cost of capital versus tax 

      Eilifsen, Aasmund; Knivsflå, Kjell Henry; Sættem, Frode (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1999)
      We show that if taxable income were linked to accounting income, there will exist an automatic safeguard against manipulation of earnings within the analyzed framework. Separating taxable income from accounting income will ...
    • Common agency with outside options : the case of international taxation of an MNE 

      Olsen, Trond E.; Osmundsen, Petter (Discussion paper, Working paper, 1999)
    • Adverse selection and seasoned security offerings 

      Norli, Øyvind (Doctoral thesis, 1999)
    • Some essays on marketing relationships and relationship marketing 

      Biong, Harald (Doctoral thesis, 1999)