• The defeasance of control rights 

      Bienz, Carsten; Fluck, Zsuzsanna; Faure-Grimaud, Antoine (Discussion pape, Working paper, 2011-01)
    • Evolution of Decision and Control Rights in Venture Capital Contracts: An Empirical Analysis 

      Bienz, Carsten; Walz, Uwe (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2006-12)
      We analyze the structure and evolution of the allocation of decision and control rights in venture capital contracts by using a sample of 464 contracts between venture capitalists (VC) and portfolio firms from Germany. We ...
    • Software vulnerabilities and bug bounty programs 

      Bienz, Carsten; Juranek, Steffen (Discussion paper;4/20, Working paper, 2020-05-12)
      Many software developers employ bug bounty programs that award a prize for the detection of bugs in their software. We analyze, in a model with asymmetric information, under which conditions a bug bounty program is beneficial ...