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  • Playing Easy or Playing Hard to Get: When and How to Attract FDI 

    Gresik, Thomas A.; Schindler, Dirk; Schjelderup, Guttorm (Discussion paper;7/20, Working paper, 2020-06-30)
    We study the link between a country’s institutional quality in tax collection and its optimal corporate tax policies in a model of heterogeneous multinationals that can shift income using both debt and transfer prices. ...
  • Contingent Claims Evaluation when the Convenience Yield is Stochastic: Analytical Results 

    Bjerksund, Petter (Discussion paper;1/91, Working paper, 1991-02)
    This paper considers contingent claims on a commodity when both the spot price and the convenience yield are generated by diffusion processes. By adopting the Gibson and Schwartz (1990) assumptions on the economy, we derive ...
  • Anomalies of Instant Runoff Voting 

    Stensholt, Eivind (Discussion paper;6/20, Working paper, 2020-06-23)
    Struggles over the single-seat preferential election method IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) go on in public arenas and scientific journals, with focus on two “anomalies”. “Monotonicity failures” are preference distributions ...
  • Two centuries of economic growth: Norwegian GDP 1816-2020 

    Grytten, Ola Honningdal (DP SAM;10/2020, Working paper, 2020-06)
    Existing historical GDP series for Norway do not always coincide with our historical knowledge of the economic development. This is to a large extent a result of lack of calculations from the production side and in addition ...
  • The Impact of Working Memory Training on Children’s Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills 

    Berger, Eva M.; Fehr, Ernst; Hermes, Henning; Schunk, Daniel; Winkel, Kirsten (DP SAM;09/2020, Working paper, 2020-06-08)
    Working memory capacity is thought to play an important role for a wide range of cognitive and noncognitive skills such as fluid intelligence, math, reading, the inhibition of pre-potent impulses or more general self-regulation ...

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