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  • Innocuous Exam Features? The Impact of Answer Placement on High-Stakes Test Performance and College Admissions 

    Franco, Catalina; Povea, Erika (DP SAM;04/2024, Working paper, 2024-04-14)
    We exploit randomness in college entrance exams in Colombia to study how the placement of answers impacts multiple-choice test results and access to college. Using administrative data, we find that: first, applicants are ...
  • The Effects of Labour Migration and Interventions on Tax Compliance 

    Lange, Thomas (Doctoral thesis, 2024-04)
    First of all, I would like to thank my supervisors at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Evelina Gavrilova-Zoutman and Floris Zoutman for excellent guidance throughout my PhD. Following my many years outside ...
  • Servant Leadership in a Marketing Context 

    Zarei, Mohammad (Doctoral thesis, 2024-03)
    Research on Servant Leadership (SL) is gaining momentum in the management literature, but the role and effects of this style of leadership have not received much attention in the marketing literature. The purpose of ...
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Get in the Way of Achieving Gender Equality? 

    Carvajal, Daniel; Franco, Catalina; Isaksson, Siri (DP SAM;03/2024, Working paper, 2024-03-14)
    The promise of generative AI to increase human productivity relies on developing skills to become proficient at it. There is reason to suspect that women and men use AI tools differently, which could result in productivity ...
  • Business model digitalization, competition, and tax savings 

    Casi, Elisa; Lisowsky, Petro; Stage, Barbara M. B.; Todtenhaupt, Maximilian (Discussion paper;6/24, Working paper, 2024-03-13)
    We examine the effect of business model digitalization on competition and how corporate tax savings through digitalization may augment this relationship. Global policymakers express concern that digitalization-related tax ...

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