• Equity theory and fair inequality: a neuroconomic study 

      Cappelen, Alexander W.; Eichele, Tom; Hugdahl, Kenneth; Specht, Karsten; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper;19/15, Working paper, 2015-08)
      The present paper reports results from the first study designed to examine the neuronal responses to income inequality in situations in which individuals have made different contributions in terms of work effort. ...
    • Fairness is intuitive 

      Cappelen, Alexander W.; Nielsen, Ulrik H.; Tungodden, Bertil; Tyran, Jean-Robert; Wengström, Erik (Discussion paper;9/2014, Working paper, 2014-04)
      In this paper we provide new evidence showing that fair behavior is intuitive to most people. We find a strong association between a short response time and fair behavior in the dictator game. This association is robust ...
    • The importance of moral reflection and self-reported data in a dictator game with production 

      Cappelen, Alexander W.; Hole, Astri Drange; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2007-12)
      This paper studies how individual behavior is affected by moral reflection in a dictator game with production, and the informational value of self-reported data on fairness. We find that making individuals reflect on ...
    • Luck, choice and responsibility 

      Reme, Bjørn-Atle; Sørensen, Erik Ø.; Mollerstrom, Johanna (Discussion paper;6/2014, Working paper, 2014-03)
      We conduct a laboratory experiment where third-party spectators can redistribute resources between two agents, thereby offsetting the consequences of controllable and uncontrollable luck. Some spectators go to the limits ...
    • Pay and performance in a call centre : principals and agents or principally angels? 

      Aarbu, Karl Ove; Torsvik, Gaute (Discussion paper, Working paper, 2007-11)
      We use data from a pay reform in an insurance company to contrast different theories of work motivations. The management installed performance pay to boost sales in the customer service centre of the company. The reform ...
    • Tax policy and fair inequality 

      Cappelen, Alexander W.; Tungodden, Bertil (Discussion paper;3/2012, Working paper, 2012-02)