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    • A bioeconomic analysis of an age-structured fish stock continuous in time and age 

      Steinshamn, Stein Ivar; Golubtsov, Peter (Working paper;2014:15, Working paper, 2015-03)
      An age-structured bioeconomic model, that is completely continuous in state and time, is developed. To make the model more realistic, a nonlinear recruitment function is introduced and steady state solutions are studied ...
    • A comparison of the big four professional service firms 

      Gustavsen, Ingeborg Louise; Zimmer, Mathias Hove (Arbeidsnotat;2018/8, Working paper, 2018-08)
    • A contraction approach to periodic optimization problems 

      Sandal, Leif K.; Kvamsdal, Sturla F.; Maroto, José M.; Morán, Manuel (Working paper, 2017-11)
      Consider an infinite horizon, multi-dimensional optimization problem with arbitrary but finite periodicity in discrete time. The problem can be posed as a set of coupled equations. We show that the problem is a special ...
    • A crisis not wasted : institutional and structural reforms behind Norway’s strong macroeconomic performance 

      Steigum, Erling; Thøgersen, Øystein (Working paper;50/13, Working paper, 2013-12)
      This paper draws the line between the Norwegian boom-bust cycle and crises in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the succeeding institutional and structural reforms and the strong macroeconomic performance and stability of ...
    • A framework for sustainable interorganizational business model 

      Neupane, Ganesh Prasad; Haugland, Sven A. (Working paper;2016:2, Working paper, 2016-04)
      Drawing on literature on business model innovations and sustainability, this paper develops a framework for sustainable interorganizational business models. The aim of the framework is to enhance the sustainability of ...
    • A review of mobile services research: Research gaps and suggestions for future research on mobile apps 

      Nysveen, Herbjørn; Pedersen, Per E.; Skard, Siv E. R. (Working paper;01/15, Working paper, 2015-01)
      The working paper starts with an overview of the growth in research on mobile services. Based on the increase in the research on mobile services the last few years, the fact that the last general review article on mobile ...
    • Access price regulation facilitates strategic transfer pricing 

      Fjell, Kenneth; Foros, Øystein (Working Paper, Working paper, 2005-10)
      Access price regulation is used in telecommunications to prevent that a vertically integrated firm, that controls an essential input, raises the rivals` costs. When the authorities remove the access price as a strategic ...
    • Access pricing, quality degradation and foreclosure in the internet 

      Foros, Øystein; Kind, Hans Jarle; Sørgard, Lars (Working paper, Working paper, 2000-03)
      Access to both a local and a global network is needed in order to get complete connection to the Internet. The purpose of this article is to examine the interplay between those two networks and how it affects the domestic ...
    • Access regulation and cross-border mergers : is international coordination beneficial? 

      Lommerud, Kjell Erik; Olsen, Trond E.; Straume, Odd Rune (Working paper, Working paper, 2005-06)
      The international integration of regulated markets poses new challenges for regulatory policy. One question is the implications that the overall international regulatory regime will have for cross-border and/or domestic ...
    • An acquisition in the Nordic ferry market: rivalry or coordination on capacity? 

      Steen, Frode; Sørgard, Lars (Working paper, Working paper, 2000-12)
      The purpose of this article is to test the effect of Color Line’s acquisition of Larvik Line in September 1996. We formulate theoretical predictions for the changes in sales, capacity and capacity utilisation following an ...
    • Acquisitions in the electricity sector : active vs. passive owners 

      Nese, Gjermund (Working Paper, Working paper, 2002-06)
      The starting point of this paper is a mixed oligopoly market consisting of n privately owned profit maximizing firm. Motivated by the trend of mergers and acquisitions in the liberalized electricity markets, and by the ...
    • Ad-avoidance technology : who should welcome It? 

      Bergh, Harald Nygård (Working paper;17/12, Working paper, 2012-06)
      The business model of many commercial TV-networks is to interrupt TV programs with advertising breaks. In this paper we investigate consequences of the fact that ad-averse viewers today can adopt technology which enables ...
    • The adoption of a mobile parking service : instrumentality and expressiveness 

      Pedersen, Per E.; Nysveen, Herbjørn (Working Paper, Working paper, 2002-12)
      This paper applies an extended model based upon the theory of planned behavior to explain the adoption of mobile parking services among a group of users having some experience with the service. Because mobile parking ...
    • Advertising and newspaper differentiation : on the role of readers’ advertising taste 

      Kind, Hans Jarle; Koethenbuerger, Marko; Schjelderup, Guttorm (Working paper, Working paper, 2006-12)
      Newspapers have an incentive to moderate their profile in order to gain a larger readership and thus higher advertising revenue. We show that this incentive is weakened both if readers are ad-haters and if they are ad-lovers.
    • Age discrimination in hiring decisions : a comparison of Germany and Norway 

      Büsch, Victoria; Dahl, Svenn-Åge; Dittrich, Dennis A.V. (Working paper, Working paper, 2004-12)
      The workforce in all industrialized countries is aging. To forecast future challenges, it is important to understand the impact of a worker’s age on the labor market. In this paper, we analyze whether older workers in ...
    • Agglomeration, tax competition and local public goods supply 

      Norman, Eva Benedicte; Norman, Victor D. (Working paper, Working paper, 2000-09)
      The purpose of this paper is to develop a framework for analysing local public goods supply and tax competition between jurisdictions in a context where there are gains from geographic agglomeration and where labour is ...
    • Agriculture versus fish – Norway in WTO 

      Gaasland, Ivar (Working paper, Working paper, 2008-09)
      The Norwegian agriculture is highly protected and subsidised. The opposite is the case for fisheries and fish farming which suffer from foreign market restrictions. Using a computational general equilibrium model, the gain ...
    • Allocation of resources in the presence of indivisibilities : Scarf’s problem revisited 

      Bjørndal, Mette; Jörnsten, Kurt (Working Paper, Working paper, 2004-06)
      In his article “The Allocation of Resources in the Presence of Indivisibilities,” Scarf points out that the major problem presented to economic theory by the presence of indivisibilities is the impossibility of detecting ...
    • Allocation of specific assets, relationship duration, and contractual safeguarding in buyer-seller relationships 

      Buvik, Arnt; Haugland, Sven Arne (Working Paper, Working paper, 2002-12)
      This study explores the interaction effect of bilateral dependency and relationship duration on contractual safeguarding. In particular, the study compares how the allocation of specific assets, unilateral or mutual, affects ...
    • Allocation of tradable emission permits in a global economy 

      Mæstad, Ottar (Working Paper, Working paper, 2002-09)
      This paper discusses the question of how a national government should design a system of tradable emission permits when goods or production factors are internationally mobile. Emphasis is on the principles for the allocation ...