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    • Tekniske krav til oppdrettsanlegg – vurdering av terminologien i Norsk Standard NS 9415 

      Jonassen, Knut (Journal article, 2006)
      Next to the petroleum industry, fish farming is by far the fastest growing industry in Norway. It began as small units up and down the country, based on local experience, but is now emerging as a technically advanced industry. ...
    • Tekniske oversettelser - translatørens mareritt eller en helt normal utfordring? 

      Ferguson, Douglas (Journal article, 2007)
      It is a fact that many translators are reluctant to take on technical translations. At the same time, it is also the case that very many translation assignments involve varying degrees of technical content, even in cases ...
    • Teksting af fakta-programmer 

      Gottlieb, Henrik (Journal article, 1998)
    • Teori og praksis for statsautoriserte translatører: perspektiver på vitenskap og virkelighet 

      Halverson, Sandra (Journal article, 2007)
      The primary argument in this paper is that theory and practice in the field of translation need not be as mutually excluding as has traditionally been the case. Norway is taken as an illustration of a cultural context in ...
    • Terminologi og fagspråk - teori og praksis 

      Hoel, Jan (Journal article, 2006)
      The Norwegian Language Council in January 2005 appointed a group with external members which is to work in the field of terminology and language for special purposes (LSP). I attempt to give a brief account of the achievements ...
    • Terminologi og samarbeidsformer mellom næringsliv og UoH-sektoren 

      Andersen, Gisle (Journal article, 2006)
      In this paper I present cultural, political, financial and pedagogical arguments for developing terminology in Norwegian. I argue in favour of the establishment of a national centre for terminology and technical ...
    • Terminological equivalence in technical translation: A problematic concept? 

      Rogers, Margaret (Journal article, 2007)
      A St. Jerome’s Day lecture provides a welcome chance to make one of those satisfyingly unexpected links: between Bible and technical translation. The Bible is not generally thought of as a technical text but some of the ...
    • Terms as dynamic entities: problems and solutions in translation 

      Rogers, Margaret (Journal article, 2003)
      It is a common assumption that technical terms and their meanings can be more easily matched across special languages than in general language. While there may be some truth in this assumption for a subset of terms, the ...
    • Text oder die Spitze des Eisbergs 

      Rothkegel, Annely (Journal article, 2001)
    • The concept of the interpersonal in translation 

      Munday, Jeremy (Journal article, 2009)
      Analysis from the perspective of Hallidayan (systemic functional) linguistics became popular in translation studies in the 1990s, though most work concentrated on the textual function and, to a lesser degree, the ideational ...
    • The concepts of revenue and expenditure and their accounting effects 

      Kristiansen, Marita; Monsen, Norvald (Journal article, 2010)
      The aim of this contribution is to problematise the way the concepts of revenue and expenditure are used in the domain of accounting without taking into account their different accounting effects depending on whether the ...
    • The Contribution of pragmatics to the stydy of journalistic prose 

      Bjørge, Anne Kari (Journal article, 2001)
    • The Critical Element of Critical Discourse Analysis 

      Fjørtoft, Marte Reenskaug (Journal article, 2013)
      This paper is a discussion and presentation of the critical element of critical discourse analysis. To denote something as ‘critical’ can be seen as a desire to indicate that certain linguistic/discursive studies are ...
    • The formation of legal terms: a case study 

      Roald, Jan; Whittaker, Sunniva (Journal article, 2011)
      In recent years, the focus in terminology research has shifted from normative and descriptive studies to more explanatory studies, dealing with how and why new terms are formed. The present study falls within this trend. ...
    • The interdisciplinary concept of translational intertextuality, illustrated on the basis of LSP text networks 

      Baumann, Klaus-Dieter (Journal article, 2013)
      Since the late 1980s, a tendency towards interdisciplinary analysis strategies in the field of linguistics in general, and more particularly in the field of LSP research, has become apparent. Depending on the subject matter ...
    • The Object is a Unit of Knowledge 

      Picht, Heribert (Journal article, 2008)
      After an introduction containing definitions of the terminological entity ‘object’ from national and international standards, a classification of types of objects is suggested followed by a brief statement of the nature ...
    • 'The Prime Minister said...' Voices in translated political texts 

      Schäffner, Christina (Journal article, 2008)
      A variety of texts are translated to fulfil functions for political communication across languages, cultures, and ideologies. For example, newspapers regularly provide quotes of statements by foreign politicians, ...
    • The Problem of Scientific Uncertainty 

      Fjelland, Ragnar (Journal article, 2010)
      In a certain sense uncertainty and ignorance have been recognized in science and philosophy from the time of the Greeks. However, the mathematical sciences have been dominated by the pursuit of certainty. Therefore, experiments ...
    • The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union: Purpose and activities 

      Fontenelle, Thierry (Journal article, 2011)
      The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union was established in 1994 to meet the translation needs of the other decentralized Community agencies. It also participates in the Interinstitutional Committee for ...
    • Tolkeutdanningen i Bergen 

      Johnsen, Åse (Journal article, 2005)
      This article gives a presentation of a one-semester course for interpreters at the University of Bergen. The course has been financed by the Directorate of Immigration and the target group for the course is interpreters ...