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    • Law, language and culture A survey of an intricate interconnection 

      Sunde, Jørn Øyrehagen (Journal article, 2012)
      The Norwegian king between 1299 and 1319 hence claimed in the preamble that Roman and Canon law had been harmful for the realm, and the laws to be observed by the inhabitants were those made by St. Olaf and his descendants ...
    • Le concept de "reformulation", un concept bien defini? 

      Jensen, Dagrun Lorgen (Journal article, 2001)
      Tallene lyver ikke". Tallene snakker for seg selv". Man "legger tallene på bordet". Klisjeene er mange og blir brukt for det de er verdt. Tall har generelt blitt oppfattet som nøytrale og objektive fakta.
    • Legal concepts – a transdisciplinary mirror of society 

      Picht, Heribert (Journal article, 2013)
    • Legal terminology: On intelligibility and strategies for dissemination 

      Engberg, Jan (Journal article, 2013)
      The aim of the chapter is to study the concept of paraphrase developed by Simonnæs for describing textual elements directed at non-experts in court decisions and intended to give insight into the legal argumentation of the ...
    • Lexicological correctness and lexicographic relevance? The inclusion of semantic, encyclopedic, syntactic information in a bilingual dictionary of law 

      Lind, Åge (Journal article, 2005)
      The transposition of legal terminology is perhaps one of the most difficult areas of translation, since there will rarely be complete or direct equivalence between concepts in two languages. I shall in this paper look ...
    • Localization: On its nature, virtues and dangers 

      Pym, Anthony (Journal article, 2005)
      Discourse on the localization of software and websites now underlies one of the major language industries of our time. Its basic concepts also address issues that are of interest to sociolinguistics, text linguistics, ...
    • Looking back to move forward. Challenges related to deceitful parallel texts and slippery terms 

      Innselset, Kai; Kristiansen, Marita; Øvsthus, Kari (Journal article, 2008)
      In this article we will address some pitfalls and shortcomings related to semi-automatic term extraction and an uncritical reliance on translational equivalents in parallel texts. After a short description of the KB-N ...
    • LSP Translation and Creativity 

      Rogers, Margaret (Journal article, 2011)
      Specialised or LSP translation is often compared unfavourably with literary translation in terms of the creative input required from the translator to produce a „good‟ translation. The supposed formulaic nature of LSP texts ...
    • Memetics and Translation Studies 

      Andrew, Chesterman (Journal article, 2000)
      Translation Studies is a branch of memetics. This is a claim, a hypothesis. More specifically, it is an interpretive hypothesis: I claim that Translation Studies can be thus interpreted, and that this is a useful thing ...
    • Metaphern im Fachtext 

      Rothkegel, Annely (Journal article, 2001)
    • Monolingual comparable corpora and parallel corpora in the search for features of translated language 

      Bernardini, Silvia (Journal article, 2011)
      For almost two decades now, mainstream corpus-based research in descriptive translation studies has focused on the computerized analysis of translated and comparable non-translated texts (so-called monolingual comparable ...
    • National cultural norms or activity type conventions? Negotiation talk and informal conversation among Swedes and Spaniards 

      Fant, Lars (Journal article, 2006)
      A problematic issue in cross-cultural studies has been to determine to what extent activity type (or ‘genre’) conventions interact with national behavioral preferences. On the one hand, activity type conventions can be ...
    • Naturalness and Translation 

      Rogers, Margaret (Journal article, 1998)
      In this paper I would like to address some of the issues which impinge on our understanding of 'naturalness'. While on the one hand it has been associated negatively with cultural assimilation from a literary perspective, ...
    • Nettet som korpus ved flersproglig term- og vidensbearbejdning 

      Sørensen, Henrik Selsøe (Journal article, 2011)
      The web as a corpus for multilingual term and knowledge extraction has an important potential in cases where a translator or knowledge engineer needs to identify unknown equivalents. With the expansion of knowledge and ...
    • Nettspansk: et sted å være, et sted å lære 

      Johnsen, Åse (Journal article, 2002)
      In January 2002, 90 students started a new way of studying Spanish at the University of Bergen, as the subject Spanish and Latin American Studies established their Web Studies, called 'Nettspansk' (On-line Spanish). In ...
    • Norms and Nature in Translation Studies 

      Malmkjær, Kirsten (Journal article, 2005)
      Norms have played a central role in descriptive translation studies, because (Toury, 1995: 61, emphasis in the original) “it is norms that determine the (type and extent of) equivalence manifested by actual translations”. ...
    • Norsk bedriftsøkonomisk terminologi – nødvendig eller unødvendig? 

      Monsen, Norvald (Journal article, 2006)
      In this article some views regarding the use of Norwegian or foreign (English language) accounting concepts and terms are presented. The conclusion states that we should continue to use our native Norwegian language ...
    • Norsk språkbank - ein framtidig ressurs for translatørar? 

      Breivik, Torbjørg (Journal article, 2008)
      The primary argument in this paper is that terminology will be an important part of a human language resource collection for a specific language. Translators need terminology and machine translation software needs bilingual ...
    • Nye evalueringsformer i et handlingsteoretisk perspektiv 

      Gynnild, Vidar (Journal article, 2003)
      Innovative or authentic assessment is a crucial part of the current reform of higher education in Norway. The author argues that assessment should be an integral part of the teaching and learning process as there is ...
    • Om fagsprog, fagkommunikation og fagviden 

      Engberg, Jan (Journal article, 2004)
      At samtaler mellem fagfolk adskiller sig fra samtaler mellem ikke-fagfolk, er en erfaring alle, der lever i et moderne samfund, kender til, og det kan anses for at være et grundlæggende faktum, som sprogvidenskaben bør ...